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Beavercreek Station/Creekside Trail, 1152 N. Fairfield Rd., Beavercreek, Ohio 45432

Never Forget


Just off of N Fairlfield RD, not far from US 35. It’s not a huge site by any means, but the purpose and feeling you get viewing it is larger than life. 

The main part of this memorial is a massive (approx 25ft.) remnant of steel from the North Tower of the World Trade Center that was struck first. ­čÖü Two of Beavercreek’s firefighters were involved in the rescue operations after the attack. It was them that transported this piece to Beavercreek and the memorial was dedicated on the 10th anniversary. 

There is a walkway thru the site where you can take time to read each sign with benches around if you just need a ‘moment’ to sit, absorb and reflect. The signs include the timeline of events, information about the memorial, those who participated in making the memorial dedication happen. But most importantly…the names of each life taken that day, Sept 11, 2001

…we will never forget 


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