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Location: 1 Ark Encounter Drive, Williamstown, KY 41097

Ark Encounter:

Creation of Man

Life on the Ark:

During the Flood and Aftermath:

Life-Size Encounter with Noah!

Opened on July 7, 2016, this is a must-see attraction with 3 levels of exhibits to explore! Upon arriving to the park you wonder “where is it?” Could not see it from the parking lot. We found out there were busses to take us to the Ark. After purchasing our tickets and parking pass, we rode the bus for about 6min. As we got closer there were loud “ooohh” and “wowww” from a few riders, including us 🙂 To see it up close walking toward it, was simply AMAZING. It was HUGE!!! The Ark spans 510 feet long, 85 feet wide, and 51 feet high (almost 2 football fields long)! The landscape is beautiful, the structure inside and out, awesome craftsmanship!

There is zip-lining available (extra cost), zoo and petting zoo (included) You can even ride a camel or donkey! Various food options including a huge buffet restaurant.

Videos about Noah (then and now) in an interview setting. Interactive exhibits, live animals, kids area, gift shop…and more! There’s way too much to say about it! It’s one of those experiences you have to see for yourself to get the full grasp of it all.

Because you cannot just drive to the gate, from the time you park/buy tix/ride bus to the Ark, I suggest allowing at least 30min extra to your time. Their partner attraction “Creation Museum” (which we did not visit this time) is about 45min drive from the Ark. It’s possible I suppose to do both in a day, but to really enjoy without time constraint and travel hassles…I would do it on separate days.

FYI: They do offer a combo ticket purchase

Tour Info: It is suggested to start early to see everything (about 5 hrs) Various tour hours/admission (refer to website) Parking: $10 Last ticket is sold 1.5hr before closing Photography is allowed Handicap accessible, service animals allowed

Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day

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