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Dave Chappelle & Friends

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Wirrig Pavilion | Yellow Springs OH

Expect the Unexpected!

If you live in or around Dayton OH, you know that when our neighbor, Dave Chappelle throws an event…it’s a FEAT to actually get to go! It’s like taking a chance on hitting the lottery to score tickets! Why? Because his events are ALWAYS in the news around town and the place you MUST BE…if you’re lucky!  This was my first time ever having the opportunity to attend a pop-up event of his! It was my birthday weekend also, so I was more than happy about attending! Dave stated this was his 19th since early June he said! Where have I been? I only heard about three! LOL

Keep in mind…he never gives away who will be there.  Again, like the lottery, you take your chances, buy the tickets and just GO! Naturally we were still trying to guess who just may show up, especially based on his huge 4th of July event which featured Common, Erykah Badu, Tiffany Haddish, Questlove and more…you get the picture. So yep..we were super stoked about whatever was in store! 

Getting there was literally through a long country road, in the middle of cornfields in Yellow Springs. Parking was gravel and grass; comfy shoes are a must! The line was marked off appropriately to keep the guests 6ft apart. There were hand sanitizer stations and they took our temperature and gave us an official face mask before entering.  Considering the NO CELL PHONE policy, our option was to keep in your car or utilize the lock-bag they provide within the pavilion. Once we were scanned, bag checked, we proceeded along the path which was lit with red lights…like a red carpet entrance LOL.  Inside, the seats were in pairs and each set at minimum 6ft apart from the next pair of chairs.  Provided within the venue grounds were Porta Potties which I heard were VERY nice!   Miguel’s Tacos food truck was there with tacos/bowls/burritos. OMGoodness…so fresh and yummy! I really need to find them again! 

We had music by DJ Trauma to keep us hyped.  The show was to begin at 9, but it was well past 9:30 when it began.  Dave being the host was on first, welcomed us, speaking, telling jokes, and did came on in between the other acts through the night. First up was comedian Michelle Wolf, to me, she was just ‘okay’. I really wasn’t feeling her humor, but hey it happens like that sometimes.  Next was comedian Mo Amer …now he had me laughing from beginning to end. I had never heard of him before so I can add him to my comedy list to look for later. Then came comedian Donnell Rawlings, he was funny however, for my personal taste, he dropped the ‘N’ word every sentence it seemed. It was a bit much and not within context where it would make sense. Lastly was hip-hop/rapper Brother Ali who blew me away with his lyrical depth and flow! First time hearing of him so another on my music list to keep an ear out for. 

Around 11:45pm, Dave comes out to say thank you and goodnight. Wait…the show is over….what?? I was expecting more than 2 hours with a few huge names like I keep reading are always at his events! THAT part was disappointing, especially for the $100 ticket cost.  If I do get to attend another Chappelle event, I will try not have such high expectations and just enjoy the moments! I will admit, considering the lack of events this year, this was a much needed, fun, cool evening of entertainment which wrapped up my birthday well! 😁👍



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