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The Ludlow Garage | Cincinnati OH

Very Entertaining!


This was my 2nd time seeing Eric Roberson and it was better than the first!!! Why? Because this time he wasn’t part of a multi-act lineup, THIS TIME was all his and he gave us 2 full hours of music, humor, storytelling and much more!

The tour is about the 10th anniversary of his “Music Fan First” album which released August 2009. The whole show was focused on that album, yet he found time to throw in a couple of other songs by strong and pleading requests…and I do mean pleading from fans. LOL 

Eric was very interactive with the audience, his humor kept us on our toes and enjoying the evening even more.  His voice sound just as good as the recordings! His band and background vocalists were on point and just as engaging with us! There wasn’t a dull moment throughout the night! He even made up a song on the spot based on random words/phrases the audience threw at him…in a matter of a few short minutes, he had a hit and the crowd went wild as he fit in everything that was said for this improv song! 

At the end he asked everyone to take out their phones and get selfies with him and the band as he closed out singing “Picture Perfect”.  No, that song isn’t on the “Music Fan First” album, but definitely THE ‘perfect’ way to end the evening! I had a fantastic time!



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