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2819 Centre Drive, Beavercreek OH 45324

Website: giordanos.com

Chicago Classic Deep Dish
Tequila Lime Wings

Chicago Pizza comes to Beavercreek!

Giordano’s, Chicago’s famous stuffed deep-dish pizza joint finally makes its way to Beavercreek OH! Their reputation precedes itself even if you don’t have one in your city, or never had one during a visit to Chicago, etc.

I’m not a huge pizza eater, but I DO like to indulge at times. I’m more of a wing person…and my closest friends/family know this LOL

The restaurant is very nice, clean and welcoming! There wasn’t a huge crowd of customers at the time we arrived, so we were seated immediately. The wait (we heard) was at least 45min for the pizza. That was no lie! Good thing we knew this and planned enough time since we had an event later that evening. 

My friend got the Chicago Classic Deep Dish pizza…the pizza fan/connoisseur she is…it was the main reason we went! 😉  I tried a slice and it was very good indeed! One would have to be pretty hungry to get 2 slices in, it’s so deep and cheesy! 

I ordered the Tequilla Lime Wings. The menu describes them as: “Traditional bone-in chicken wings marinated with tequila and lime, roasted and served with a house-made tequila lime dipping sauce.”  Unfortunately here’s where they lost points with me.  🙁  The waitress told me they would bring ranch with it. I didn’t think much of it, actually assuming it would be in addition to the included sauce.  Our order comes, my friend and I are having a conversation, we began eating. The wings were okay, but not significantly flavored, then it dawned on me, “hey, where’s the tequila lime dipping sauce?”. I motioned for the waitress and inquired about it. She told me they serve it with ranch since the other has alcohol in it, and would I like it? (insert confused look) Of course, I said I would like it. (more confusion)  I mean, since it’s stated ON the menu, with the wings, not as an option or I’d have to ask for it…why would that NOT be automatic?  By the time I got the sauce, my wings have cooled down. The sauce did help a tad on enhancing the flavor, most likely it would have even more while hot. 

After our meal, the manager/owner came by and said he noticed we had pizza, and asked how it was. I’m not mad at that…they are known for the pizza and being new to the area (less than 2 months) it’s a valid question. However, we were not asked if we ordered anything else (clears throat…my wings) to ask how they or everything as a whole was.  Maybe I should have, but I didn’t say anything about the wings, especially since we were on a schedule already.

Generally, it was a pleasant atmosphere and the food was good I won’t deny that. It would be nice if everything was considered when personally asked of our experience and not just one menu item. Being it was the first time there, left an impression naturally. Would I go again? Time will tell….

2 thoughts on “Giordano’s Pizza | Beavercreek OH”

  1. Tables were to close for my taste. I’m not big on being in everyone’s conversation. But I have to say the pizza wasn’t half bad.

    1. Great point Tracy! You’re right, the tables were very close. I think because we were there during a slow period, and seating was spaced out, the closeness didn’t affect me as your experience did.

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