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I Used To Know H.E.R. Tour

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Opening Acts: Bri Steves & Tone Stith

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H.E.R. showed out!

H.E.R. (having everything revealed) certainly revealed herself to be a phenomenal performer at age 21! I was very impressed! I may be old enough to be her m…er um…aunt but this ‘old soul’ had me as a fan before I knew who HER was! I remember seeing cute lil Gabi Wilson about a decade ago…and I remember when H.E.R. emerged, but it took me a minute (maybe 2) to realize she was the same person! LOL H.E.R. performance was amazing!! Later in her show, she let it be known she had been ill. You couldn’t tell! She came out so strong and never faltered! The audience TOTALLY vibed with her from beginning to end. Everyone knew every lyric to every song and sang along with her. The applause welcoming her to the stage and in between every song I’m sure had to be heard in the next state! Seeing H.E.R. was on MY bucket list so I know I wasn’t alone…the love was definitely shown and she was very humbled by it all. H.E.R. ain’t no joke…she’s a #POWERHOUSE! Writer, singer, multi-instrumentalist so just because she’s young, do not sleep on her skills. She (I mean HER…haha) IS the refreshing package we need for REAL MUSIC! Wonderful show, hate it ended, but I’m looking forward to seeing H.E.R. again!

Opening performers:

Bri Steves: Honestly I had not heard of her prior. She was really good, she sings, rap, has an energetic stage presence and connection with the audience. Her popular single “Jealousy” is a cool track especially since it samples my fave Jon B cut “They Don’t Know”. The only thing I wasn’t aware of, nor ready for was the constant strong language. Other than that…I definitely give her props to her work.

Tone Stith: Had not heard of him either prior to this date (where have I been?)LOL Tone was definitely a pleasant vocal surprise! Although not even 25, he’s got that 90’s R&B thang going on, which I can certainly be down for. Not only did he sing a Michael Jackson song, “Human Nature” that won me over, but he came back out later to help H.E.R. sing her latest “Could’ve Been” and knocked it out! I will definitely keep an ear out for him from now on!

Overall the night was more than I could have expected! I thought to be an ‘older’ fan, would make me stand out…nope, there were more than a few of us! The best part (no pun intended…lol) was witnessing the young audience truly resonate with H.E.R. It’s refreshing to see that real music, real R&B STILL has a place in the new generation.


Set List Included: Carried Away,  2,  Feel A Way,  Avenue,  Be On My Way,  Losing,  Against Me,  Could’ve Been,  Still Down,  Lights On,  Say It Again,  Best Part,  Hard Place,  Make It Rain,  I’m Not Okay,  Focus,  U,  Every Kind Of Way,  Changes,  Lost Souls,  As I Am

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