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Location: 5th Ave N at 16th St, Birmingham AL

Kelly Ingram Park, formerly West Park, is a four-acre park located in Birmingham, Alabama between 16th/17th Streets and 5th/6th Avenues North in the Birmingham Civil Rights District across from the 16th Street Baptist Church and Birmingham Civil Rights Institute 



When in Birmingham, you must take the “Freedom Walk” at Kelly Ingram Park.

The park serves as a place of remembrance of the civil rights movement in 1960’s Birmingham, including the Children’s Crusade which is depicted via various sculptures throughout the park. This area was often the center point of assemblies, protests, marches and many activities for the movement.

My parents being from Birmingham, I heard/read many stories, have seen photos, television coverages. I cannot imagine the personal experiences, fight, and most of all bravery of those who lived this era. It was very powerful and moving to see these dramatic life-size statutes representing such pivotal moments. Not only are there sculptures/statues, but each of the 9 areas of the park is ‘brought to life’ via the optional audio walking tour which guides and gives you the brief history and significance of each.

Visiting the park is free and you can access the audio tour anytime by dialing 205-307-5455 from your cell phone.

Did You Know…

Kelly Ingram Park was inducted in the National Register of Historic Places on May 24, 1984

Commemorating the 50th anniversary, the Four Spirits sculpture was unveiled in September 2013, honoring the 4 little girls killed in the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing.
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Additional Info:

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