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2645 Woodward Avenue, Detroit MI 48201

Capacity: 15,000 – 22,000
Opened: 2017

Beautiful Venue!

Less than 2 years old now (opened Sept 2017) Little Caesar’s Arena is breathtaking and HUGE!

It’s advisable to plan extra time to get there to include traffic, parking, walking. Even when you are in the building there’s quite a bit more walking to get to your seat. Luckily our hotel had a free shuttle to get there to avoid as much hassle as we could. 

Because I had never been here, I called to ask if cameras were allowed. I was told point and shoot “should be fine” so I took mine. Upon arrival, there were announcements made about what was allowed and not…no mention of cameras. When it was time to go thru security…THEN there was a problem with having a camera. UGH! I ended up having to check it at Guest Services until the end of the event.  I wasn’t the only one in this predicament, but we all agreed they should have made it clear. Even when I called ahead, there should be a definite answer.  All was safe and sound though in the end…I removed my battery and memory card just in case. Hopefully, that was an isolated miscommunication. 

After dealing with the above, there was no time to explore the arena before the event started. I did notice plenty of concessions, bar, team shopping areas. The walking area is very spacious, well lit so you don’t feel confined. I found out later the arena has public and private tours, which I think I’d enjoy doing someday. 

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