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730 Madison Ave, Covington, Kentucky 41011

Capacity: Approx 1200
Opened: 1912


Just across the river from Cincinnati, the Madison Theater is a popular,  intimate spot for live music and a variety of shows. 

This was my first time visiting the venue. For those in the Cincinnati area and vicinity, but have not yet gone to the Madison…it reminds me of Bogart’s and also Cleveland’s Agora in a lot of ways. The Madison has that old theater-style vibe to it for one as the aforementioned. Quite a few, if not most shows hosted here are standing room only. So here is where one’s personal preference enter.  While I do not ‘like’ GA or standing room only venues, it really boils down to the event itself for me to make a final decision. I’m glad I knew when buying my ticket so I could dress for comfort, just in case. 

Want a place to sit? The balcony is the only place with fixed seating, and with signs that ask you to remain seated during the show. I took my chances and stood on the floor, near the stage. The floor is open, but there is another level for standing also. From what I read, there are some shows here where chairs are set up on the floor (but this wasn’t one of them)

Parking lots are within a block radius, reasonably priced. Security entrance; bag check, walk-thru scanner. Friendly staff. This particular evening there were a few communication mishaps, but they were polite and professional about it. 

The biggest complaint I heard, and personally felt of the night was the fact there was NO seating on the floor for those who had VIP tickets. It would be nice if the venue would go that extra step in these cases.

Would I go again? Quite possibly! 🙂 

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