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Free Online Watch Party Hosted by Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles CA

SOUL! encompassed the Black cultural experience! This weekly television show from 1968-1973 was everything from music, art, poetry, dance, and in-depth interviews on a platform created for ‘us’ and produced by the visionary ahead of his time, Ellis Haizlip. Yet…I never heard of him or the show until this screening! Whyyyyy and how was I not told about this? Okay, so the time it aired I was just 3-8 years old, but still, I feel left out of this amazing piece of history! Well, NO MORE! ­čĹî

The watch party was very enlightening! I was truly enthralled from beginning to end! Executive producer, BLAIR UNDERWOOD set the tone by his introduction. The documentary itself was about 1hr, 30min followed by a panel discussion with Q&A led by moderator SARAH ELIZABETH LEWIS with panelists, MELISSA HAIZLIP – Producer/Writer/Director, DOUG BLUSH – Co-Producer and NIKKI GIOVANNI – Poet & Activist

Check out this trailer for the extraordinary MUST-SEE documentary by his niece, Melissa Haizlip which I was fortunate to view this evening:

Mr. Soul! the movie came at a time we needed to be reminded of WHO we are, our beauty, our strength, our culture, and our many talents! If you’re new to this as I am, or just want to reminisce because you were there in real-time (lucky you), the following are links to learn all about this film and where you can catch a few episodes from the series!

Main Website: Mr Soul Movie

Amazon Prime: Season One Episodes

Episodes List: About the series

Shout Factory TV: Season One Episodes

Brief Bio: Ellis Haizlip

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