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RBRM: Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky & Mike and Silk

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Opening Performance: Silk

Chene Park | Detroit, MI





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Fun Show!

RBRM: Okay, so we KNOW that the full New Edition tour has been put on hold (hopefully not long) However…the fellas did their thing at Chene Park! This was the 2nd live performance of the newest entity spun from NE….RBRM: Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky & Mike. They sang the BBD and Bobby Brown hits…each crossing over on the others songs. The energy was infectious from fans to stage and back again! I don’t think anyone sat down much during their set! The only songs performed from the New Edition era were: Mr Telephone Man and (naturally) Cool It Now…which is where the new group name came from so seamlessly! While it wasn’t a flawless performance, I believe they have IT to keep it going when they want to. Bobby may not move like the early days, but he showed up and sang! I must commend the guys…there aren’t many (if any) groups I know of that can successfully recreate themselves and spin off into subgroups and solo careers and STILL come back together as one. I’m still wishing for the full six to happen again, but I’m certainly not mad that in spite of….we still get great entertainment from whichever form they present. I wish they were on stage longer and that BBD sang their new material…the party was just getting started good! ­čśë

Set Included: “Don’t Be Cruel”  “Poison”  “Roni”  “Thought It Was Me”  “Every Little Step”  “When Will I See You Smile Again”  “Do Me”

SILK: Overall they put on a good show! A few missteps here and there, but they held it down for the most part! The crowd went bananas on Freak Me!!

Set Included: “Freak Me”  “Lose Control”  “Hooked On You”

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