The Kee Spot w/Kecia Lynn

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New Radio Show on The Passion Playground

Every Saturday 1pm – 3pm EST

OMG, I was asked to host my own radio show!! Honestly, I hadn’t thought to do something like this. The proposal to do so was a shocker to me in more ways than 3! Being used to dabbling within the music/entertainment industry, I was always a behind-the-scenes kind of person. I was most comfortable there! LOL If someone told me even a year ago I’d be doing THIS? I wouldn’t believe them!

To be transparent, I am generally shy, not one to be in the forefront yet thrived the most helping those were are front and center! Okay, so maybe this was meant to be with a little…okay that STRONG nudge. Another adventure just as in my travels, another box I’ve stepped into, another step toward the destiny I’m still figuring out, but apparently the footsteps have been ordered and guided.

My show will be music, stories of my adventures regarding concerts, and meeting artists! There’s even talk about interviewing them as well! YIKES! 😳

Update: No interviews just yet…but the first season is a wrap! More to come!

Welcome to The Kee Spot!

SEASON ONE in the books! Click below to listen to the episodes!

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