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The Andrew J Brady Music Center | Cincinnati OH

I Expected More...LITERALLY!

I was looking forward to this show for weeks, only to feel like it lacked so much that I feel gypped! 😭
First of all, let me provide a disclaimer: my ‘complaints’ have nothing to do with the artists themselves because they each gave us a good time. On that note let me break it down a bit further and you’ll see where I’m coming from.
Showtime was to begin at 7pm. Well…it was closer to 7:30. Could have been worse, but at least the DJ kept us hyped with the music being spun, right?  I wasn’t mad about that at gave people time to get in, grab a drink and/or food, socialize, dance then be seated/ready for the main event. 
7:30- 8:10
Local artist, Saxophonist Ric Sexton took the stage and set the evening’s tone very nicely! He brought energy for days as well as his vocalists who were having a blast giving us their best. This was the first time I have seen Ric, not for lack of trying though. In previous times, the dates just never worked out. However, having the chance to hear him this night…I will look for him again to show support to our local talent! He played cover tunes we all enjoyed such as: Can We Talk… Da Butt…My, My My…Leave The Door Open…Come and Talk to Me
===20 min DJ SET=== 
8:30 – 8:45
Another artist I have never seen before….Michel’le! I think I was looking forward to her more just because it was my first time! She’s so tiny, but that voice tho?!?!? She still sounds the same, speaking and singing as we knew back in the late 80s. She still has IT and no signs of her losing it either! Being the pintsize powerhouse that demands attention, her set was only 15 min!! Wait…what? I know her catalog isn’t expansive, but certainly longer than 15 minutes worth! Michel’le graced us with her hits: Nicety…Something In My Heart…No More Lies…then hit us with a taste of her first featured vocals on “Turn Off The Lights” by World Class Wreckin’ Cru
===20 min DJ SET=== 
If you want raw on the raspy side talent, with relatable lyrics that make you pay attention and think….Lyfe Jennings is the one to deliver. He performed hits that we all sang along with, even though at times he let us know we missed the mark on the words 😂 🤣  Sharing with us his life story as he weaved his music into his set made us feel part of his life. Speaking of, his setlist included My Life…Must Be Nice…Stick Up Kid…Never Never Land…S.E.X…Statistics
===40 min DJ SET=== 
The featured headlining artist of the night….one of my favorites I’ve been down with since day one… Jon B! Okay so now we talkin!  There was a few moments his sound was too loud, and as he indicated for them to lower it…it didn’t happen. Jon rolled with it the best he could. You could tell he was a bit frustrated, but he didn’t want to stop the energy of the night. Jon took us on a musical journey which included singing a medley of songs from a few of his musical influences and favorites such as Stevie Wonder, Mint Condition, New Edition, Isley Brothers. His set included: Are U Still Down…Pretty Girl…Don’t Talk…I Do…Don’t Say… Someone to Love…They Don’t Know
The show is OVER..DONE…Lights on and everything. But wait….did we get our $150 worth of entertainment?  And how did the headlining artist have a shorter set than Ric and Lyfe?? I feel Jon got cut short due to a probable venue curfew because they wasted no time getting folks out.  I would understand if the stage had to be changed out but that was very minimal to say the least. There was no reason to have a 20-40minute DJ set between EACH artist! The DJ was good so I’m not taking that away from him,  but it was entirely too long and disrupted the flow of the whole concert event in my opinion.
We did find out this was the organizers’ first event. To me, it showed. As I stated in the beginning, it could have been worse, but it sure could have been a lot better. Everyone did a good job individually, the music was fun and nostalgic, but the event execution needed work especially at that ticket price. 
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