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VERZUZ: The Kings of R&B Battle!

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Catch the REPLAY here: Keith VS Bobby

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DJ Cassidy was the official DJ for this event and he did his thang! 

Before getting into the ‘battle’ itself, keep in mind, this was a surprise Verzuz episode!! The fellas literally had 1 day to prepare for it!

Old School all the way and I was front and center!  They each gave us what they had and definitely had fun with it. They hyped each other up the whole time and that is always a great thing. Bobby even jumped in on background for Keith at times. A few songs they just let play…some they sang along with the record. I’m sure in order to pace themselves LOL The best part indeed  was them supporting each other, jamming and vibin to each other’s songs. Hmmm Bobby used quite a few New Edition songs so I don’t think that was fair, but he saved his heavy hitters for the end. Keith’s pen game was fire when he pulled out songs he had a hand in writing for other artist! So I guess it was fair game after all, huh? 😂Bobby did best when he sang acapella. Keith was a whole vibe of his own when he was hitting the “Sheroc” (as he kept calling Ciroc)

Now for the Song battle…it began around 8:15pm

Keith Sweat: Something Just Ain’t Right
Bobby Brown: Don’t Be Cruel
Keith Sweat had to get a lil “Sheroc” taste to get ready to really cut loose

Keith Sweat: Make You Sweat
Bobby Brown: Mr. Telephone Man (NE)

Keith was like…am I battling Bobby Brown or New Edition? Bobby teased about bringing them out….(I would not have been mad)

Keith Sweat: How Deep Is Your Love
Bobby Brown: Jealous Girl (NE)

Keith got up like…what the hell…another one? But as Bobby stood up doing a two-step, Keith joined him…LOL

Keith Sweat: I’ll Give All My Love To You
Bobby Brown: Girlfriend
Bobby Brown said you came out with the heat! (sho did!)

Keith Sweat: How Do You Like It
Bobby Brown: Girl Next Door

Keith Sweat: Right and a Wrong Way (another sip of sheroc cuz he got emotional)
Bobby Brown: Hit Me Off (NE) BB took off his jacket and I thought he was gonna bust a move, but he barely busted a sway, I ain’t mad tho 😂

Keith Sweat: Tellin Me No Again
Bobby Brown: You Don’t Have To Worry (NE)

Keith Sweat: Come and Get With me (feat Snoop Dogg)
Bobby Brown: Thug Lovin’ (JaRule feat Bobby) Bobby tried the two-step again

Keith Sweat: Get Up On It (feat Kut Klose)
Bobby Brown: One More Night

Keith Sweat: Merry Go Round

Then there was a 5min break call. which turned out to be about 20 min! They changed clothes, ready to get their move on…two step and a bounce this time  😏😆 Bobby was owed another song tho, so I don’t know how or why they lost count. 

Keith Sweat: I Want Her
Bobby Brown: Get Away

Keith was like…since you cheated and brought in New Edition…I got something for you cuz I wrote some stuff

Keith Sweat: Let’s Chill (Guy) 
Bobby Brown: That’s The Way Love Is

Keith Sweat: Freak Me Baby (Silk) Keith got his groove all the way on
Bobby Brown: Beautiful (Damian Marley feat BB)

Keith Sweat: Keep It Comin’
Bobby Brown: Good Enough

Keith Sweat: My Body (LSG) Bobby sang with him….whew that song is still 🔥🔥
Bobby Brown: Something In Common

Keith Sweat: Twisted 
Bobby Brown: Humpin’ Around

Keith Sweat: Just Got Paid (Johnny Kemp)
Bobby Brown: Rock Wit’cha at the end of it, they both sang together acapella

Keith Sweat: Make It Last Forever (YESSS a forever classic!)
Bobby Brown: Roni

Keith Sweat: Curious (LSG feat LL Cool J, Busta Rhymes, Lil Kim)
Bobby Brown: On Our Own (Ghostbusters Soundtrack) Bobby’s son who was in the audience was dancing to it the whole time

Keith Sweat: Don’t Stop Your Love
Bobby Brown: Every Little Step

Keith Sweat: Nobody (Tank and Pleasure P came out and helped..which he didn’t need IMO)
Bobby Brown: My Prerogative (KS, tank and Pleasure P dancing behind him

 Then finally the Verzuz ended around 10:15! That was the fastest 2 hours spent and I was still looking for more, it was so much fun! 

If you’re on the Triller app, you can vote for your favorite throughout the event. I was all over the place because I loved them both! However, In the end, Swizz and Timbaland announced that Bobby Brown was THE Crowd favorite!



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