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Vulcan Park and Museum | Birmingham AL

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Location: 1701 Valley View Dr, Birmingham, AL

History of Vulcan:

The Iron Man!

I have family in Birmingham, I lived there for a few years in my youth and ALL this time, I honestly had never heard of this “Iron Man” until this particular visit to Birmingham. It was an impromptu stop on our last day before hitting the road back home. I didn’t know what to expect, only gave brief attention to the online description., but I was willing to see what this iron man, Vulcan was all about!

MASSIVE is an understatement! We’re talking Vulcan himself being 56 feet tall, on a 124-foot pedestal equaling a total height of 180 feet and weighing 101,200 pounds, and on top of Red Mountain kind of MASSIVE!  ONLY if you’re not afraid of heights would I suggest the elevator (or steps) to go up to the observation deck and take in the breathtaking view! The deck isn’t fully top/bottom enclosed, maybe 5 feet up and see-through grates on the platform. It can make you feel a bit uneasy initially because there also isn’t a lot of space to move around with more than a few people up there. Unknowing, it took a minute to get used to, but the view was worth going up to see. Even without going all the way to the top, you can still have pretty cool views from the main level of the park surrounding the Vulcan. The grounds of the park is very immaculately kept. Amazingly serene and beautiful! It isn’t very large at all, but the Vulcan Center Museum shows the historic timeline of Birmingham’s history. A good hour is probably all you need to see everything and visit the gift shop.

Tour Info:

Museum: Mon–Sun 10am–6pm Observation Tower: Mon–Sun 10am–10pm

Free parking in lot  and free to enjoy just the grounds of the park.

Admission varies but general adult admission is $6 Admission includes access to the museum and the observation tower AAA Members: 20% off general admission for cardholder & 1 guest

Did you know… Vulcan is the world’s largest cast iron statue! Vulcan is the Roman god of the fire and forge of which symbolizes Birmingham, Alabama roots in the iron and steel industry

Additional Info: Encyclopedia of Alabama Bham Wiki

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  • Auntie G

    It was such a joy & great experience being there with you K! Although being way up on that platform threw me off for a minute, i adjusted enough to enjoy that grand view of Birmingham?

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