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September 5, 2018 | Kettering OH

I have always loved Boy George & Culture Club! To finally, after ALL these years attend a concert AND have the opportunity to meet the man himself….. #EPIC

But WHYYYYYYYYYYY did it rain, and I mean constant downpour ALL evening!?! Not to mention, having to wait OUTSIDE before allowed to go in to meet Boy George. Throughout the rain, wearing a poncho, no mirror to check anything when it was time to meet him; rather than be nervous, I was more concerned with “did my hair survive?” The photo proves…YESSS! #NaturalHairWonders 😂

Meeting Boy George was such a surreal moment! He was so handsomely beautiful in person! Face BEAT so flawlessly I was seriously (not really) hatin’! LOL And the accent…need I say more? He smiled and greeted me so warmly, shook my hand and asked my name. When I replied, he asked “have we met before?” Me: hmmm…. No, we haven’t. This is our first time meeting and my very first time seeing you in concert too! Next was a quick photo, then he thanked me for coming, as he gave me a hug!

The meeting was short but amazing, then it was time to get back out in the rain to be ready for his performance.

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