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June 20, 2019 | Huber Heights OH

When the opportunity presented itself to meet the icon, Ms Chaka Khan, of course I could not miss the chance!

I wish we had better weather for the occasion though! Picture this: outside, cloudy, misting rain, high winds and rather chilly for a late JUNE evening! The excitement of meeting Chaka overrode (almost) the terrifying thought of what the elements HAD to be doing to my natural hair! Of all times!! Ugh! No matter…as it was, I had to get over it and embrace the moment however it played out.

Chaka Khan is an ageless beauty and so petite! Her big smile was welcoming which made me feel calmer. I approached her grinning from ear to ear I know (LOL) and said hi to her. After her greeting to me and a brief hug, I couldn’t wait to let her know that a mutual friend we have said “hello”. She was very pleasantly surprised, mentioning she had not seen our friend in ages and asked that I return the sentiment. I shared this would be my first time seeing her in concert! She hoped I would enjoy it. Which I most definitely did! ­čśü

Talk about “through the fire“? I went thru everything but fire (thank God), the rain, cold, wind was not the ideal setting to meet Ms. Khan! I’m happy she made up for that and it was awesome experience!

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