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November 7, 2019 | Columbus OH

Meeting Fantasia was such a fun, laid back, kick your shoes off, welcome to my home kind of experience!

Before I even got to where she was in order TO meet her, all I heard was laughter from the room! Other fans who were leaving after their meeting told us we were in for a treat with her. They were not lying. 😁

Fantasia makes you feel like she’s known you for years! She greeted me with a warm hug and promised that she was going to bring it ALL at the show and give us our money’s worth. I replied there was no doubt about it from all that I’ve heard so far. I then proceeded to tell her that something she had said once, resonated with me. “I don’t have to be held in a box because my gift is too big for the box” I told her some have tried to place me in a certain box of what I should do, how, when..not giving any regard to the personal goals of MY journey, but how THEY felt it should be. Fantasia was moved that I mentioned that statement from her then made me promise her to NOT allow others to write my story or dictate how to navigate my life. I told her I’m already there…some don’t like it tho LOL. She gave me a high-five and another hug for that.

Photo op time, then one more hug as she let me know we bout to have some fun up in here tonight! “Truth Is…” she was not playin!!

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