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John Witherspoon

Dayton Funny Bone | Dayton, OH
Bang Bang Bang!


I don’t recall who the opening comics were, but I was here to see the one and ONLY, Mr “bang, bang, bang” JOHN WITHERSPOON! I have been a huge fan since the movie Friday in the mid 90’s..thru Boomerang and The Wayan Bros…and more! 

John is HILARIOUS on stage, just as funny if not more than on the screen. I laughed so hard for so long throughout his set! Naturally he recited his most iconic lines! Besides the aforementioned, we all know (from the movie Boomerang) “you got to cooordinate”…and THAT he does very well! LOL  I swear more often than not when getting dressed and coordinating certain pieces…it never fails, I laugh thinking about John Witherspoon saying that very line! 

Surprisingly, well maybe not…he told us about his new CD “63 Cent” and most of the lyrics is based off his most popular material! I haven’t heard it yet, but will put it on my list! I can only imagine….LOL

I didn’t get the opportunity to meet him after the show, it was a LONG line to him! I left more joyful than when I went in…he is just that funny! If you want a great laugh from start to finish….see Pops…he’ll make you laugh and teach you a few things while he’s at it! Some of the best life advice presented with comedic flair…from a legend! 

**Update:  Sadly, we lost this legendary man on Tuesday Oct 29, 2019 at the age of 77. Rest Peacefully “Pops” ­čÖü

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