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Being fortunate to have worked behind the scenes of the music industry for a number of years, my love for music has grown tremendously! Now I cannot seem to get enough of attending live performances!

My major client was R&B singer Howard Hewett for almost a decade! Other music clients include The Deele, The BASS of Boston Radio Station and a couple of indie artists. I’ve also worked with various promoters plugging their events over the years.

I enjoy sharing my experiences, the good, not so good, and downright hilarious moments of my travels and attendance of music events! I enjoy the arts of all types, music, theater, museums, anything that I happen upon that interests me! I would love if you’d join me in these adventures! I will share insights, tips, recommendations and reviews along the way! Please feel free to comment and share your thoughts as well, especially if we were at the same place/event!

Thank you for being with me along the ride….who knows what I may get into, so BUCKLE UP and HOLD ON!

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