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Full list of Winners!: 2008 SoulTracks Awards Recipients

Friday, October 3: Awards Ceremony & After Party


Saturday October 4: Group Visit to Motown & All Star Jam Motown Tribute

Amazing weekend of MUSIC

Being a music lover, I’m always open to ‘discovering’ new artists! One resource of R&B/Soul music, (especially Indie artists) I have often relied on to keep me in the loop. Already being a fan, follower and subscriber of this online publication, I was very intrigued by their annual event of recognizing independent soul artists and also giving props to those we have grown up on that paved the way. In fact, for this year The Dramatics received the SoulTracks Lifetime Achievement Award! And Phil Perry was in the house with a musical tribute to the group! When the Founder, Chris Rizik announced the upcoming event. I honestly had not heard of many of the names on the ballot. However, that did not deter me from attending and I’m so very happy I did! Friday thru Saturday night was jam-packed talent and most of all FUN experiences! Friday, the Awards Ceremony was held at Max M. Fisher Music Center Saturday afternoon a group of us visited the Motown Museum Saturday evening’s “Tribute To Motown” event was located at the beautiful Museum of African American History. All the artists came together to sing together, whether it was lead/background or both and brought the house down with their renditions of the greatest songs that was Motown! From the head of SoulTracks to the hosts, nominees & winners it was truly a family atmosphere, everyone was so kind, supportive and embraced one another. Although (and I was asked) I’m not an artist, I never felt left out being the minority in that respect. I was one of many that represented the other side…the appreciation of the hard work, dedication these artists bring to us…the REAL music from REAL talent. I must say that it was such a blast I was ready for the following year’s event! However, little did we know in that moment, it would be the last year to have an in person, organized real life ceremony as this. In the meantime the annual recognition never stopped, it’s just in the cyber realm now. However, it doesn’t stop me from being hopeful it happens again! Be sure to sign up for the newsletter at: to stay informed of all Soul Music news!

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