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Rest in Peace Michael Jackson

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Fans mourn and pay tribute at Motown

Hitsville Museum | Detroit, MI

The Day My World Stopped...

“This can’t be true!” I was thinking in my head….but it was. The King of Pop is gone 😢😢

I remember vividly that evening of June 25, 2009. After work I was running errands, stopped at a clothing store to buy an outfit for a concert in Detroit on the 27th. Music had been playing throughout the store, but as soon as I got to the register, the cashier told me they just announced that Michael Jackson died! Initially I wasn’t sure I heard her correctly, in fact I knew she didn’t say what I thought I heard! I asked her to repeat it. She did. There was complete silence in the store. The cashier completed the sale very quietly as if had she spoken, she’d break down. I felt the same. She, in almost a whisper, said “thank you”. I took my bag and went to my car. My phone was starting to blow up with calls, texts, voicemails but all I could do was sit there, numb. I couldn’t answer the phone, but I read the texts asking me if I were okay, had I heard. I knew then….it must be true. I sat in my car for at least 30min, wishing for some news-break it was all a mistake. That moment never arrived. 

I somehow managed to drive home.  I sat on my bed and turned on the television and it was all there on every channel’s  headline “Michael Jackson, the King Of Pop is dead”. I LOST it then. I broke down in tears and sat there for the next 4-5 hours watching the coverage, listening, crying…I could not move. I was still in disbelief. Meanwhile calls/texts still coming in checking on me. Those who know me KNOW how I feel about Michael. I truly felt as if I lost a family member, a best friend…

My concert plans were still on for the 27th, although I felt a bit disconnected from it. However, since it was in Detroit. I knew before going back home the next day, I had to stop by Motown. After all that’s where The Jacksons got their big break. I wasn’t ready for what I’d see, didn’t know what to expect. Soooo many fans were there paying tribute, leaving notes, cards, stuffed animals, photos, etc all for Michael. It was a beautiful sight to see and I was glad to be there among others who felt as deeply as I did. It was rather healing to gather with the other fans, hear his music being played and speaking nothing but love about him. 

Michael Jackson…you will never be forgotten, and will FOREVER be the King of Pop…the greatest entertainer of ALL TIME. May you rest in eternal peace knowing you were and are still loved. ❤

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