Speedway’s Reloadable Fuel Card: Cool Concept ?

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Exhausting process

I take many road trips, with that comes having to stop for fuel along the way. In fact, I usually purchase cards from various station brands to have as options.

I recently purchased a Speedway gas card (as I’ve done many times). This time I noticed I picked up one that was also reloadable! How conveniently cool! I thought, wow…now I won’t have to buy a new one each time I use one up, right? I’m here to tell ya…IF at this point you’re like “I’ve got to get one of those!”

My advice: DON’T DO IT! The card itself is great, but reloading is the issue!

Here’s the breakdown:

1) You can ONLY reload online (you have to sign up on the website)
2) It can take a few days to process (ugh, why)
3) They email you a code (really? smh)
4) You then log in, enter the code for your card to update

Going in, I assumed once my payment went through, the balance would reflect the new amount. Uh…NO. That’s way too simple as you can see. But the worst part of this was, my transaction got kicked out of their system! No money was taken out (whew) but why did it (after showing pending for days) decide NOT to process? I called customer service, explained my issue. They looked it up…true enough, the system kicked my reload order out. I ask why? The response “I’m not sure, could be a number of reasons” Hmmmm I then asked what IS the process exactly, you know, in case I did something wrong, missed a step, whatever. Go figure, I did it correctly! So then the customer service guy suggests I try again, because it may have been a glitch. Ummmmm…“no thanks, if YOU don’t know what happened and now I’m hearing it could be a week-long process, I’m sorry but not sorry. I’m not doing it again”

No problem whatsoever using the card or any gas card I’ve purchased. I’m a Speedway Rewards Member too, proudly never had an issue! However, until Speedway simplifies this reload process, in MY opinion, it’s not worth the effort, nor wait. It’ll be fine for that initial value, but nothing more. Great idea, gone south.

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