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As I prepare for my extended weekend getaway, leaving behind the chill of OHIO to the warmth of California, It’s always a challenge to pack ‘just right’.  Just so you know, and many will agree….I HATE PACKING!!! LOL  I’m always concerned about not packing enough, yet I don’t want to overdo it and risk paying extra at the airport because of it. While I’m not able to be there with you to help you pack, I hope these key tips/guidelines help your cause!

1) Make a checklist. Note the most important things you HAVE to have with you. Including but not exclusive to, ID/Passport, medications, reservation confirmations, money/credit card, event tickets…you get the picture, right?
2) Wear your warmest clothes to and from. For obvious reasons and especially if you’re flying. You’re departing cold weather, and arriving back to the same. If you can get away with layering a shirt/top with a hoodie or light jacket, that’s perfect to travel in.  You’ll be in the elements only briefly (let’s hope) from car to inside the airport. It tends to get a bit chilly on the plane, but with light/med layers, you are ready either way. This is the time to wear your sneakers; more comfort running thru the airport and chillin during layovers = less bulk in suitcase.  However, if you are the more fashion statement, grand entrance maker…pack a pair of cute sandals/shoes in your carry-on, for a quick change when you land 🙂
…speaking of shoes
3) Plan your footwear very wisely. Unless you are attending many events with varying attire, and/or can afford to have a suitcase with just your shoes…what I’m sharing is a must for the short trip, limited space person. Choose no more than 2 pairs that you can rotate with your wardrobe. Remember you will actually have 3 pairs to work with (include your travel shoes). this also goes for the purses, ladies! 🙂
4) The destination clothing. With warm weather, you have leeway to pack quite a bit. The key is in HOW you pack them. My favorite method is to roll my clothing. Doing so maximizes the space, keeps you organized and you have a quick visual of what you have without removing layers to get to what you need. I also have packing cubes and even within those, I roll my clothing and pack by like items.  Depending on the clothes, you can roll together an outfit (such as top/shorts combo), then just grab the roll out of the suitcase. No need to search around for the rest. 
5) Leave room in your suitcase. Always leave a lil extra room (not easy, I know) in your carry-on and/or suitcase for those extra purchases; planned or impulsive. I have known people to pack to the limit, buy so much on vacation they HAVE to resort to shipping them home or pay extra fees at the airport. that’s NOT how you want to end your relaxing vacation…paying fees! 
The last tip…I know I said there were 5 (smile)


Let me know in a comment how you pack for your trips! I’d love to know your personal tips and tricks! 
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