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When my friend invited me to hang out in “Fort Wayne, IN” I was like COOL! I had never been, and I needed the weekend getaway anyway. I began looking for things to see/do etc.
Well…I soon learned  (try the day before) that we were NOT going to be in Fort Wayne….my friend only flew in to that city. Nooooo…the final destination was WARSAW, IN. We’re talking est population 15,000 Warsaw, IN
What in the Warsaw?? Although I never really knew about Fort Wayne, I had least heard the name before. But Warsaw? This was a mystery to me. Driving from Dayton Ohio I began to wonder, (as I drove through backwoods, country roads, cornfields and windmills) what kinda town was this? I was literally taken thru a few routes, side roads, residential, and open field areas I would never guess I’d encounter. I was only glad that it was daylight….I can’t even imagine navigating at night. Since this was all new to me, I wasn’t about to argue with google Maps in getting there. I made it safely!
Later the first evening….we attempted to find things to do in the area. Kinda of an epic fail I must say. Not that there isn’t ANYTHING, just not anything we’d be remotely interested in given the limited stay.  Google and Trip Advisor were our friends in gathering info. LOL. Needless to say….we stayed in the hotel…but got to explore a bit the next day.
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