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2621 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH 45219

Capacity: 1500
Opened: 1905
Website: http://www.bogarts.com/

Intimate Spot


Unless you know the area well, Bogart’s is rather inconspicuous when looking for it. There is a parking lot across the street and in various areas around the block. I wouldn’t suggest parking too far away though; the area beyond a block isn’t the best/safest.

Bogart’s has security people to check bags before entering which is assuring. The inside has numerous bars and 3 levels. The staff is very friendly and helpful. The venue is very intimate, the sound is pretty good.  It was nice being up close and personal, however, I wish the seats weren’t so TIGHT together! So close that if you don’t know your seat neighbors going in, you will most likely be friends or enemies by the end of the show LOL The drinks are pretty expensive, yet typical of venues.

I’ve only attended one event thus far.  From speaking with others, a lot of shows are general seating, so I can only imagine the crowd on the lower level especially to be near the stage. Lucky for me I didn’t have to endure that aspect. I’m not one to intentionally attend a GA (general admission) event in a small venue. 

Overall I’d say it’s a nice, intimate spot for shows. If there was an act I really want to see there, I would consider going back. 

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