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Hobart Arena | Troy OH


Good but not the best...

Those who know ME, know I absolutely LOVE Michael Jackson. I can appreciate the tributes to him by way of various impersonation acts/shows. However (and it pains me to say) this particular ‘Michael Jackson Experience’ was lacking to me.

The Good:
This experience features Michael Firestone as the King of Pop. The band and dancers are truly talented and did a great job! ‘MJ’  vocals were good and his dancing was pretty much on point.  He was very interactive with the audience, which was great! Hearing the music always makes for a fun time naturally. The show was about 90min.

The Not So Great:
Besides the ‘bad hair’ that took me aback, there are certain elements one MUST do in order to make this show “as close as you will get to seeing the King of Pop” (as stated on their site).  I was waiting for the WOW factor in hopes the entire show pulls it all together for me.

“Smooth Criminal”  You HAVE to do the lean or pretend to thru illusion…something! That was pivotal in the video! I was ready for it and a few people around me were anticipating it as well. The moment comes and well…nothing…no lean. A lil invisible tug of war improvisation and dance moves…disappointing. ­čÖü 

“Billie Jean” overall, it was good, but I wish it had been much closer in replication as the iconic 1983 Motown 25 performance. 

Michael Firestone seemed winded more than a few times and at times what would normally be intense, high energy dance moves were not. From what I read about the show, I’m rather surprised it wasn’t that enjoyable for me. If not for it being Michael Jackson’s music, it wouldn’t have rated this high unfortunately. 

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