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Victoria Theatre, 138 North Main St., Dayton, OH 45402


Love at First Bite!

Excellent performance all around! It was an honor and pleasure to have been given the opportunity to attend this event. The dancers were amazing! The storyline, intriguing! The Dayton Ballet along with Dayton Opera and Dayton Philharmonic presents, the 15th century backstory of Bram Stoker’s Dracula…and how the infamous Dracula emerged!

Act One: Focused on King Vlad III Dracul’s (no ‘a’ yet) life, events and his character as he was transformed. Driven from his love Katerina due to war and family loyalty, soon finds Vlad alone and injured. He is seduced by Lilith, met with a single bite to his neck. She promises him eternal life so he may seek revenge on the soldiers who killed his family. Eventually, Katerina finds him and they both are happy to be reunited, however….there’s one problem. Vlad’s insatiable hunger…for blood. Katerina unwillingly becomes his victim. Vlad is devastated, yet Lilith assures him…he has the world within this great new power.

Act Two: Vlad who is now Dracula, meets Lucy who reminds him so much of Katerina. He has ‘urges’ but has gained control because he wants Lucy as his lover. Lilith isn’t happy and feels betrayed while devising a plan of revenge against Dracula which ultimately results in the death of Lucy and Dracula by a stake to the heart.

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