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KevOnStage, Tony Baker, Tahir Moore

The Ohio Union at Ohio State University, Columbus OH

Sneak Peak from the 1st tour stop!


Tour Schedule



I have been following the comedic antics of “KevOnStage” for about 2 years on Facebook! His videos have me in stitches and stomach pain from laughing so hard! Topics that make you think and laugh in ways you never thought could be as humorous as he makes it to be! From simple real life, day to day happenings, to current events…Kev puts a spin on things you may not expect and wish you could say!

Upon hearing about the “Real Comedians of Social Media” tour, I did not waste time buying a ticket! They had been selling out cities left & right! By the way, there is an prelude called “Love & Laugh Hour” featuring him and his wife Melissa, speaking about life/love/relationships/marriage. Unfortunately due to my schedule and this event not being in my resident city, I wasn’t able to attend. However, I’m hearing it’s very real, down to earth and worth the extra on the ticket! I was not at all familiar with the other comedians on the ticket; Tony Baker and Tahir Moore. Best believe after I have seen them, I immediately began following them on social media as well! They were ALL so kind and took time to meet everyone after the show to take photos 🙂

Not wanting to give up the goods regarding their jokes, be sure to watch the video above for a sneak peak into the show and check out the tour schedule! If they are coming to your city. It’s a MUST-SEE…you don’t want to miss it and it’s family friendly, CLEAN comedy! Hilarious from beginning to end!

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