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Location: 4107 Cass Ave, Detroit MI 48201



Pretty Good but PRICEY

Stopped here just before leaving the city. First time hearing of them and reviews online said it was the top BBQ place in Detroit, so…why not? This location is mainly for carryout convenience but they do have limited seating available. They also have Slows To Go Brand merchandise for sale too.

They certainly live up to the name “slows” LOL I ordered wings and the wait was about 25min. While waiting, I impulsively bought cookies (regrettably) that were displayed on the counter. Three chocolate chip cookies no bigger than 3in round….for $2.50?? And they weren’t even good. 🙁

The wings come with your sauce of choice on the side so I asked if they had samples to try. They allowed me to taste the 4 they had:
Mustard: Way too mustard-y (is that a word?)
Spicy: I love spicy foods, but not enough kick for me
Sweet: It had a hint of sweetness, nothing special
Apple: More like your regular BBQ sauce (my choice)

Now to the meat of the matter. I took them home so I never looked in the box (they wrap the containers well) until then. I was told upon ordering would be about 1-lb. so the qty would vary depending on size. Well… I got 8 wings, but they were the scrawniest wings I have ever seen! Wings already don’t have much meat on them, so imagine these…smh. The flavor was good, and smokey tho. I just wish there were more than a taste, especially for $12!

My Fam got the Rib Tips. I was told they were flavorful as well, but again not nearly enough for the $10 price.

Overall the food we had was good. Better to have good food for more money than paying too much for nasty food, right? However, I personally don’t plan to return. Maybe one day I will have the urge to try something else and hope for the best in portion size. And because I know what to expect, I can save my coins and have a snack prior, so I can be full. LOL

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