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The Bates Motel is in Toledo!

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Technically known at Knights Inn

  1. Scary
  2. Seedy
  3. Filthy
  4. Scary
  5. Did I say Scary and Filthy??

My gurl booked this hotel. Due to the traumatic experience, I don’t recall the exact location to warn you! However, we took this chance to save money as we attend the Sheila E concert in Detroit. We thought, well, we’re only going to change and sleep, then head home. Okay, we can do this! For about $50 a night…we were skeptical and rightly so! We arrive, she check us in…

The room… oh my….what can I say? It had 4 walls, 2 beds, an old school TV, grimy bathroom. Not much more to get here! 

Everything was OLD….crusty…dusty…towels were dingy, bed was hard, cigarette burns in carpet and bedding, etc, etc, etc.

Let’s just say..when you have to HURRY to change clothes, then actually take all your belongings back to the car to go with you to the concert, come back and literally take turns sleeping with one eye open through the night, then to wake up, BRIEFLY take a shower and you realize you aren’t alone (critters) you know you’ve been in the wrong place, glad to have survived and swear to NEVER go back!

I think we would have been safer just sleeping in the car….miles away!

Don't Do It!
  • Location
  • Cleanliness
  • Amenities
  • Comfort

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