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September 5, 2019 | Morganton NC

Meeting the Jackson brothers..well a few of them, was nothing short of surreal. I have loved the Jacksons all my life! This meeting was a surprise arrangement by a dear friend of mine who is also their cousin! Enroute to their concert, I got a call from my friend saying that Tito expressed they would be glad to meet me! Whaaaat?? OMG THANK YOU!!! Needless to say I was cheesin’ all the way there!

After the show, I locate the contact person who went to get Tito. Tito comes out, shakes my hand and says it’s good to meet me (screams He told me Marlon and Jackie would be out soon so we chatted a bit. Tito was very surprised I had never seen them in concert before! Me too actually! LOL I showed him a pic of me with their cousin who set this up and the pic I took with Janet. Tito asked if I wanted to get a photo with us two before the brothers came out. Well of course! 🙂

The brothers are out now and Tito introduces me to Marlon and Jackie. We take photos, then Marlon asked my name again. I also added that I’m a friend of the family. He says, with enthusiasm “Well, welcome friend of the family!” then gives me a huge hug…lol They had to leave shortly after that so I got a hug from each and thanked them for meeting me.

By this time there were TONS of people around wanting to take pics, meet, get autographs. I was so happy to have had my moment before the real chaos hit of them being tugged from every angle. As they were being led out the side door, where a lot of fans were there waiting out there too!

To describe each brother in one word: Marlon is funny, Jackie is cool and Tito is smooth. All still very handsome and talented. They were very personable that you can feel the love and genuine appreciation they have for their fans. It would be wonderful to be able to hang with them again, maybe next time they come home to Gary IN? If I never have that opportunity again, this was definitely a dream come true and a blessing to have met them. As you can see in the pic, I brought Michael with me…too bad Jermaine wasn’t there. I would have been there with the Jackson 5! LOL

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