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45 E 2nd St. Xenia, OH 45385


Charming Venue!


The Xenia Area Community Theater or also known as X*ACT is a very intimate theater/venue which seats (I would guess) about 60. But, don’t let the small space fool you, this venue has so much to offer! 

The front part of the building is an art gallery with works from local artists, in various mediums from painting to crafts, to jewelry, etc for sale. It’s definitely worth a browse, we have so much talent! 

The staff is mainly comprised of volunteers from my understanding. They are very welcoming and make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.  One of the best parts are the productions performed here! I’ve only been to one so far, so based on that single experience and from what I’ve heard others say…they take pride in developing and giving their best! 

Keep in mind, it is a small place, so the parking lot isn’t huge, but there is parking nearby if you miss out on the main lot. The seats are fairly comfortable and they are tiered so the view isn’t obstructed much for those in the back. The stage is just big enough, the sound and lighting were well done. 

Overall this is a great place to spend an inexpensive evening appreciating the arts and quality entertainment by our hometown.


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