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Madison Theater | Covington KY

Opening artist: Rapsody

God Is Love & The Light

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The Day I Fell In Love with Hip-Hop

Opening artist, Rapsody I honestly had never heard of before the show, but this young lady has been around for a minute, Grammy noms and all! She was a very energetic performer and her lyrical style stems from real hip-hop with real stories to tell. I enjoyed Rapsody’s performance, she interacted with the audience and invited a guy to come on stage to rap to… which was so fun to watch (yep, I got the evidence) 😉  I’ll have to check out more of her music!

On to the main event…

Who owns not one album, nor any download singles, familiar with maybe 3 songs,  but was so hyped to be at the concert, not caring about my lack of knowing lyrics like everyone else, yet had the best time ever? THIS GIRL…yea me.

I caught a short opening set (for Erykah Badu) of Common back in 2017 and I knew then I wanted to see him again but as a headliner. 

Common gave an amazing, solid, energetic 90min show from start to finish…including an extended encore! Everyone in the building was feeling all the positive vibes he sent out to us through the night!  Let me note that he has a memoir currently in stores/online: “Let Love Have The Last Word” and forthcoming album (Aug 30, 2019) “Let Love”.  With this “Let Love Tour”, Common shared his life story from his book, expressed with music from the new album.  Every monumental facet displayed with honesty and emotion. He even teased us about trying to act like we know the songs that aren’t even out yet. (LOL)  Naturally, as part of this musical journey, he went back to some of his early classics and blew us away again and again, particularly when he proved to still have break dancing skills in him. He invited a young lady on stage, asked her name, where she was from and freestyled a whole song around just that info. I had witnessed him do that before, and once again…his flow was flawless and the bars were tight! I must say, his entire set was on point!

The evening as a whole gave me life in so many ways I cannot explain! I may not know Common’s music fluently, but I’m no stranger to hip-hop by any means.  I know most of the legends and some of the classic hits from growing up. I’ve flirted and dated hip-hop since my late teens so while this was no culture shock to me, I am a bit ‘shook’ in a good way 🙂  To those who remember the famous line/question in the movie Brown Sugar: “when did you fall in love with hip-hop?” 

My answer would be: August 10, 2019 


Common set-list included: Show Me That You Love, The Food, Memories of Home, Love Of My Life, Faithful, Testify, I Used To Love HER, Hercules, Go, God Is Love, The Light, My Fancy Free Future Love

Rapsody set-list included: OooWee, Pay Up, Sky Fallin



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