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Premiere Episode Guest: Jon B

...for the Grown & Sexy!

Eric Benet has now joined the live stream concert event scene hosting his own “Eric After Dark” for the Grown & Sexy! On the Omnis Player platform, it aired at 8 pm PST/11 pm EST for about 1hr 30min to include Eric performing his music, interview snippets with his featured guest plus the guest performance. Eric had a full band, background singers in place, and everyone ‘social distancing’! 

I tuned in to this premiere episode super excited because not only it’s Eric (no-brainer there)..but his guest was JON B who is also a top favorite of mine, so naturally, I had to check this out!

Eric Benet, in his zone, barefoot and all performed many hits, opening with “Love Don’t Love Me” and proceeded with “When You Think of Me”,  “Chocolate Legs”, “Femininity”, “You’re The Only One” and “That’s Just My Way”.  As he then performed “Spiritual Thang”, a young lady stepped in (6ft away distance and masked) to dance to the song for a bit. …nice touch!

Up next, Eric introduced his special guest, the lovely, talented songstress Shelea to join him on “Spend My Life With You” & “Gorgy Porgy”. They sounded wonderful together and gave an energetic performance! I also noticed Shelea had no shoes on either! LOL  Next, Eric sang his emotional tune, “Sometimes I Cry” to end his set. 

Around 55min in, the featured guest….and the main reason I stayed up late to virtually attend is up next…JON B! 😁😍

Jon began his set with his latest, mid-tempo single, “Priceless”, then took us all the way back with the following: “Pretty Girl”, “Someone To Love”,  “Are U Still Down”,  “They Don’t Know” and closed with his dance track “Don’t Talk”.

Because the passing of Bill Withers this year impacted both Jon and Eric, they decided to sing Bill’s song “Lovely Day” in his honor and to close out the show. 

I’m not certain how often “Eric After Dark” will air but for the first show, it was very cool, entertaining, and MANY kudos to him and all on the safe distancing! The only part that was lacking was the interview with Jon B. Throughout the show, there were approx 3-1min snippets of them talking, which was cool to see, but there was NO SOUND.  There was a note at the bottom of the screen for us to click after the show to watch the full interview. Well….after the show, there was no directive for that. I’m hoping Eric posts it or tells us where to find it? I really wanna hear the conversation 🙂

Overall great show, looking forward to the next one!

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