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VERZUZ: Brandy vs Monica: R&B 90’s Queens go head to head

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As one of THEEE most requested battles, it’s finally happened! Brandy and Monica were literally LIVE…TOGETHER at Tyler Perry Studios in ATL and still looking amazing!  Of course this was another star-studded, blue-check celebrities of all entertainment arts affair too. OVER 1.1mil were watching steady through the entire time! 

The ladies began with acknowledging briefly the state of our world today and paying respect to the recent passing of Chadwick Boseman (T’Challa/Black Panther) A surprise visit via monitor was Vice President candidate Kamala Harris, who is a big fan of them both and thank them for their contribution to #WhenWeAllVote campaign.


I’m not going to break down each round…there were 20 and it was a work-night, but here’s the list for you as it happened! 😂

Round 1: Brandy: What About Us vs Monica: Everything To Me
Round 2: Brandy: He Is vs Monica: A Dozen Roses (You Remind Me)
Round 3: Brandy: Full Moon vs Monica: So Gone
Round 4: Brandy: I Wanna Be Down vs Monica: Don’t Take It Personal
Round 5: Brandy: Baby vs Monica: Like This And Like That
Round 6: Brandy: Angel In Disguise vs Monica: U Should’ve Known Better
Round 7: Brandy: Missing You vs Monica: For You I Will
Round 8: Brandy: Almost Doesn’t Count vs Monica: Why I Love You So Much
Round 9: Brandy: Brokenhearted vs Monica: Love All Over Me

Intermission as Monica plugged her new single “Trenches” in it’s entirety as the ladies took a short break. 

Round 10: Monica: Anything vs Brandy: Top Of The World
Round 11: Monica: Still Standing vs Brandy: Borderline (new single)
Round 12: Monica: Commitment vs Brandy: Love Again
Round 13: Monica: Slow Jam (w/Usher) vs Brandy: Put It Down (w/Chris Brown)
Round 14: Monica: The First Night vs Brandy: Who Is She 2 U
Round 15: Monica: Knock Knock vs Brandy: Best Friend
Round 16: Monica: Before You Walk Out Of My Life vs Brandy: Sittin’ Up In My Room
Round 17: Monica: Everytime Tha Beat Drop vs Brandy: Talk About Our Love
Round 18: Monica: Sideline Ho vs Brandy: Put That On Everything
Round 19: Monica: Trust vs Brandy: When You Touch Me
Round 20: Monica: Just Right For Me vs Brandy: Have You Ever
BONUS ROUND: Monica: Angel Of Mine

Now the moment and song we ALL were waiting 3 hours for! Brandy introduced it, with such genuine emotion:  “This was a great song, different…but I felt like it was missing something…and…it was missing you. And I felt like what you brought to the song, it just took it to a different place and that’s why I hunted you down and asked you to be a part of this song…”

And then…drumroll….the finale of another epic #BlackWomanMagic battle came the original battle song “The Boy Is Mine”!!! Yesssssss!!!  They ‘attempted’ to sing along to their recorded vocals, even got on their feet to groove some,  didn’t quite work out at times (LOL) , but that’s okay, they had fun with it, we all sang to it and it gave us what we were anxiously waiting for and needed once again!
Now THAT’s how you close it out! 

Sidenote: Although they vibed off each other which was beautiful to see, it seemed Brandy was much more into this than Monica was. Brandy more than once tried to reel Monica into her excitement, sometimes it worked, at times not so much. They are different personalities for sure, but keep in mind after 8 years of not being around each other or really talking even, they still pulled this off well.

Their initial ‘beef’, made this even more necessary to have them together like this. With both having an amazing catalog of music, there was no real battle here, but a good time of some great 90s music from them. They also admitted that THIS was a good thing for them to be face to face and just be.  Will the rumors rest now? I’m not trusting the internet to behave but I hope this solidified the fact they are grown women, been thru some stuff, came to do this for us…so let’s embrace it, shall we? 😉

I’m not sure what may be in store for them but Brandy did say “look out for the tour” and earlier mentioned something about a group, but Monica quickly interjected saying “we are not a group” hmmmm  I guess we’ll see what really goes down in 2021! 🤞

Were you in attendance for this battle? Your thoughts? Who brought it home for you? Brandy or Monica?

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