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VERZUZ: The Legends Edition w/Gladys Knight & Patti LaBelle

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LIVE from the Fillmore in Philly, the legendary iconic Soul Divas Gladys Knight and Patti LaBelle have participated in a VERZUZ battle!!! Just as Supreme Queens do…they made their regal entrance respectfully bowing to each other and acknowledging how much a blessing it was to be there together.

The first 20 minutes or so were sharing their love for one another, talking about life on the road, and the times they’ve worked together, their kids and what they’re doing. It was like being in the living room with them catching up on old and great times. It was an awestruck moment when hearing from Patti that she’s been in the business for 60 years and Gladys for about 70 years! The best part was them saying how “we’re supposed to support each other”.

Now for the Battle Songs:

Patti LaBelle: All Right Now
Gladys Knight: You’re The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me

Patti LaBelle: If You Asked Me To
Gladys Knight: Make Yours A Happy Home

Patti LaBelle: Stir It Up
Gladys Knight: Every Beat Of My Heart

Patti LaBelle: When You’ve Been Blessed
Gladys Knight: On And On

Patti LaBelle: If You Don’t Know Me By Now
Gladys Knight: License To Kill

Patti LaBelle: My Love, Sweet Love
Gladys Knight: Midnight Train To Georgia

**Side Note: We were almost in a panic right here because the stream cut off! They got it back though immediately…whew

Patti LaBelle: Love, Need and Want You
Gladys Knight: Someone to Watch Over Me

Patti LaBelle: The Right Kinda Lover
Gladys Knight: Friendship Train

Patti LaBelle: Over The Rainbow
Gladys Knight: Neither One Of Us

Patti LaBelle: Somebody Loves You Baby
Gladys Knight: You’re Number One

Patti LaBelle: Kiss Away The Pain
Gladys Knight: I’ve Got to Use My Imagination

**Side Note: At this point, the sound person must’ve had a sip too much of the Ciroc they were serving cuz the sound….maaaaan not on track, doubling songs in a round, duplicate songs, the sound got low, other music, like what??? Let’s get it right!

Patti LaBelle: New Attitude/On My Own
Gladys Knight: Midnight Train To Georgia (the remix? LOL)

Patti LaBelle: New Day/Feels Like Another One/Lady Marmalade
Gladys Knight: Love Overboard

Patti LaBelle: You Are My Friend/If Only You Knew

Now, here I was waiting to hear what Gladys was going to bring next, but OMG for the finale, Dionne Warwick stepped out and they all sang “That’s What Friends Are For”! THEN graced us with their rendition of “Superwoman” they recorded together back in the day!! We were not ready nor worthy of this, I swear!

What Battle? This is the Ultimate MASTER CLASS of music! They didn’t just let the music play, nawww hunny…for the most part, they SANG with full-on vocals which was a treat to see/hear! I felt like we were at a concert! And yes, Patti had to take those red bottoms off too, just because! LOL

The fact they lifted each other up and recognized the ‘sangers’ after them and currently was a beautiful thang! and yes, I caught Patti say to Gladys “Let’s do an album together” hmmmmm I’d love to see them on tour together too!

It was rather surprising that the viewer numbers (at least on IG) did not go thru the roof to hit at least 1mil! Those who missed out…missed a good thing fa sho! Just shy of 2.5 hrs, this VERZUZ was full of class, love among legends, and timeless music history that took us back.

Update: I found out later there were over 4mil viewers on combined platforms 😊👍

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