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Ascend Amphitheater, Nashville TN

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Let Love Rule!


First time ever seeing Lenny Kravitz in concert! It was nearly a last minute decision to go (less than 2 weeks). At the strong encouragement from a friend of mine who had seen him recently…how could I miss out? I HAD to go!  Then to find out another friend in a different city had just seen him as well, it was meant for me to be in attendance! 😊  It was an experience I do not regret in the least!

From beginning to end, with no opening act, it was 2 hours of an outstanding performance! Lenny sounds amazing, just like his recordings and his band….wow, simply incredible! 

I admit to having no extensive familiarity of his music, but my girl schooled me on what I needed to for this show. I sang along with just about everything and what I didn’t know…it didn’t matter at the time because I enjoyed it all regardless! 

The best part was the ENTIRE set, especially him coming out into the audience singing (with our participation) “Let Love Rule”.  Also while speaking on how we, as a whole should love one another, Lenny asked that we each hold the hand of the person next to us, raise them in the air as he/we sang “Here To Love”:

We’re not here to judge
We are here to love
There’s no room for hate
We are just one human race
We must rise above
We are here to love
There’s no time to waste anymore

No truer lyrics, especially these days. It was a beautiful moment that we all felt deeply!

The worst part was…it wasn’t long enough!! I know, I know 2 hours is generous, but we didn’t want it to end! Lenny delivered and then some! I would love to see his performance again!

Setlist included:

Fly Away, American Woman, Get Up/Stand Up, It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over, Can’t Get You Off My Mind, Low, I Belong To You, Are You Gonna Go My Way, Here To Love, Let Love Rule


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