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VERZUZ on Instagram/Triller LIVE – WORLDWIDE

We've missed the 90s Girl Groups!

I could not wait for this VERZUZ ‘battle’ to happen! SWV & Xscape were definitely two of my favorite groups in the 90’s! I was so hyped about it I dedicated my radio show “The Kee Spot” to pay homage to the 90’s Girl Groups! 

To make sure I wasn’t going to miss out..I logged on to Instagram AND the new app they are utilizing now Triller on my phone via the app AND I was on my PC so I could see it fullscreen and in HD. Starting off around 8 pm DJ AONE & DJ Spinderella were in the house getting us hyped & ready! It was so awesome to see Spin! DJ AONE was just okay to me. He was a bit over the top and some music he played just didn’t fit the whole vibe of the night to me and as I noticed in the chat…I wasn’t the only one who felt that way. For a hardcore rap artist, yes…but come on, really? These are 90s Girl Groups and on Mothers Day weekend. Anyway let me calm myself on that part and get to the main event

The actual battle…or celebration as it’s properly known as started about 8:40 pm. The ladies were looking great in all black. Xscape were dressed more for a club setting and SWV initially was more modest with the exception of Taj and her short shorts! Not sure if they didn’t talk to coordinate the look or maybe Taj was like…I’m comfy and here to have fun! 🙂 The latter could have been it because reasoning unbeknownst to us fans watching…Coko seemed a bit…well…off centered. Something was wrong…but what? She was ready for this, but what happened?  The chat was blowing up speaking on her ‘attitude’.  I didn’t know what to make of it. It was stated at one point by Taj that Coko was going thru some things. I don’t know, but it did set a lackluster tone.  Most of the first hour was hit or miss regarding all the ladies actually singing the songs, there was more lipsyncing with occasional notes being heard live.

And now…here are the battle songs!

They began with prayer led by Tamika Scott and each group’s first song were originally by The Clark Sisters

Xscape: Is My Living In Vain
SWV:  Endow Me (from Cocko’s solo album)

That praise had everyone in chills! What a great way to start the celebration! 

Xscape: Feels So Good
SWV: Can We

Xscape: Am I Dreamin
SWV: All Night Long (waiting to exhale soundtrack)

Xscape: What’s Up (from the film ATL) mixed with Kandi’s “Don’t Think I’m Not”
SWV: When U Cry

Xscape: The Arms of the One Who Loves You 
SWV: Downtown 

At this point, Tiny said it was time for them to get LIT! And SWV did finally get into the groove a bit, got up to get into the song Downtown

Xscape: Keep On, Keepin’ On (Above The Rim soundtrack)
SWV: Someone

Xscape: Work Me Slow
SWV: Everything I Love

An awkward moment… as Taj was introducing that song, she was giving Lelee big props on doing the lead, then Coko interjected to remind her that everyone sings lead…hmmm….okay

Xscape: Just Kickin It  
SWV: You’re The One (remix)

The biggest highlight was Jermaine Dupri coming out to do his intro to the song which was also a Fan Choice Moment. I’m guessing the Fan Moment songs, are done more live, than the rest? I’m just guessing because they did do that and it was definitely LIT!

Xscape:  Bill, Bills, Bills 
SWV: Right Here (live – fan choice Moment)

I guess Kandi wanted to pay homage to another girl group and herself by singing the Destiny’s Child song which she co-wrote. However, not sure why or how that was part of the plan but hey Kandi is a BOSS! SWV’s choice was a Fan Choice Moment and sang live! 

Last round for the first hour:

Xscape: Tonight
SWV: If Only You Knew

Xscape KILT IT and went all the way live! Knowing how SWV gets down with the Patti LaBelle song, Coko so hesitant to get up and blow like she is known to do. Taj had to coerce her to stand up and deliver! She finally came thru, but well…there was something still not well here and kinda awkward. This hour wasn’t looking the best for them as a whole. 


DJ AONE (as I stated at the beginning) was doing way too much. he was too hype like he drank most of the Ciroc or something. After 20min…they finally come out. Coko had changed her whole outfit, and looked comfy!  SWV’s kids come out with gifts to their mommas, which was super sweet. Tiny said she didn’t think all her kids could fit on the stage 😂

Now for the final hour!! The turns were switched up and now SWV was leading the battle rounds.

SWV: I’m so Into You 
Xscape: My Little Secret 

They BOTH sang live and now it was beginning to feel and look like a real event! SWV was getting up, front and center singing AND dancing!  Maybe all that was needed was comfort?

SWV: Ain’t No Man
Xscape: Softest Place On Earth

SWV: Use Your Heart
Xscape: U and Dat 

Coko delivered and served!! Then “Boss Chick” Kandi sang a cut by E-40 which featured her. Again…confused on how/why this was part of the battle at hand?? 

SWV: Men In Black (Coko sang background…I didn’t know and I LOVE that song)
Xscape: Always Be My Baby by Mariah Carey 

I didn’t know Coko sang background on MIB! Then another surprise was DaBrat coming out to do her rap to the Dupri mix of Mariah’s song which featured Xscape.

SWV: You’re Always On My Mind
Xscape: Thug Holiday

The Trick Daddy song featured LaTocha Scott, so she sang her part to it

SWV: Sunshine (from Coko’s solo album)
Xscape: Love On My Mind

It was really a sweet surprise that Coko’s son came up to join her in singing this from her solo album.

SWV: MCE (Man Crush Everyday)
Xscape: Do You Want To

As Xscape was into the groove, DJ AONE was about to cut it with a mix, but the audience wasn’t having it and wanted them to finish the song so it was started again and Tocha took it all the way over!

SWV: Rain
Xscape: No Scrubs

Welp, Kandi (I’m guessing again) wanted to feature her and Tiny’s songwriting skills for this one.

SWV: Anything w/Wu Tang Clan 
Xscape: Who can I Run To

While SWV got up and danced to their track, DJ AONE tried to mix it but Coko’s look was like oh hell naw, don’t even! I felt it so I know he had to!  Taj got her rap in though and she was happy for it! She did that!

Last round….
SWV: Weak
Xscape: Understanding

The show could have stopped right at Weak, but Kandi made sure to let us know it wasn’t over yet! Overall the event was awesome! The second hour was THE BEST! Kandi did state that her group didn’t have as many upbeat songs as SWV. Maybe that was why all the up-tempo fillers in the mix. SWV catalog is tighter and more diverse with slow jams and up-tempo tracks, in my opinion.  SWV admitted to starting off rocky but they sure flipped it for the second half! I also wish the songs flowed better, the tit for tat I’ve been used to, such as singing a soundtrack song and having featured vocals…they each did but in different rounds. Would have been more in sync had they ‘battled’ with the same vibe.

Who won? They both did! But if I had to choose…hmmm. While Xscape led the way during the first hour, SWV more than made up for it in the second hour and slam-dunked it. I enjoyed all the ladies and it was very much a pleasant trip thru the 90’s reliving all my favorites! Again, this was no battle per se…it was a celebration of them and I’m sure we all pulled out our CDs and/or streamed their music after this, just because! 

Interesting note:  I stuck around on the Triller app for the recap with Swizz and Timbaland. They discussed it all, and things they’d change etc. It was also said that SWV was ‘off’ due to a wardrobe malfunction going on..that made the girls (or maybe just Coko?) uncomfortable the reason they couldn’t give their all. Well…the interesting part is Coko made this post on her Facebook page explaining what happened?? 

Shocker right? Horrible to have to witness that!  I sincerely pray she will be okay. So glad the fans were supportive of her being transparent and all. The malfunction part though…I’m not getting it. The show was over then and really there was no need to address it until Coko wanted to, which she did…and how she did it. Unless the girls decided to not even tell them and made that to be the reason. 

Nonetheless…the show was great overall and it showed us what we’ve been missing once again. 


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