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When I Met… Maxwell

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November 23, 2018 | Louisville KY

I have been a fan of Gerald Maxwell Rivera since DAY ONE! I have seen him numerous times in concert and will see him again and again if the opportunity comes!

The only thing to top his concerts was this day I actually got to meet Maxwell! I was nervous, excited, anxious…and trying to remember everything I had always wanted to say if I had the chance to and that chance was tonight! There were quite a few fans waiting anxiously as well. All of a sudden, seemingly out of nowhere, Maxwell comes through and quickly says hello with a few “high fives” as he makes his way to the meeting area. He caught us all off guard but pleasantly so! I think it calmed us (at least me) down enough to see that he is really a cool person looking forward to meeting us too!

My turn comes up…(deep breath)

I hand my things to his ‘people’, then I turn toward Maxwell and he greeted me with this huge smile and embraced me with the warmest hug! He smelled soooo good too! As he was hugging me, he said “thank you for being here” I couldn’t help but to smile and relax! He said hello and asked how I was. I thanked him, shared that I have been a fan forever and how excited I was for the concert. Maxwell then said he hope I enjoy it. I said, I’m sure I will…I always do! He hugged me again, then took my hand in his and said “I Love You” then blew a kiss as we parted. In my mind, I fainted…but real life…I was cool and on such a high, no one could bring me down that night!

Did I tell Maxwell everything I planned to? Heck no!!!! UGH!!! Most of my dialogue got lost in my head when he hugged me! He threw me wayyyy off completely..I was like (to myself) what happened Kecia, you had this!! LOL

And the concert….the best yet from him! At one point during the show, I swear he looked right at me!

The photos his photographer captured made my day!! Not just one shot I was expecting, but 4 awesome moments within the moment!

I will never forget this night. Maxwell is a dope artist and a genuinely kind human being!

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