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October 26, 2018 | Northfield OH

Laker Girl, choreographer, dancer, singer, American Idol judge…Who wouldn’t be “knocked out” meeting her? 😁

Getting to meet Paula was so exciting! Waiting in line for that moment I met some wonderful, fun ladies! We all helped each other stay calm while being anxious too! We pretty much failed the calm part…but we had a blast waiting with each other! LOL

The moment arrives and in my head, I’m about to burst because standing before me was THE Paula Abdul! OMG she is sooooo petite. I mean she looks tiny on the screen but the reality was still like wow.

Paula greeted me with a huge smile and warm hug like old friends who are just reuniting again. After the hug smiled and looked at me and said “oh my look how beautiful you are” (screaming in my head) Of course I thanked her and told her she was gorgeous and obviously doesn’t age. She laughed and thanked me 🙂

She spoke about how happy she was to be on tour again and she hoped everyone will love the show. I told her I never got to see her when she first began her career, but I could not miss the opportunity to see her this time. She thanked me for coming out, told me to have fun, and gave me parting hug.

Being around Paula, I felt like, if given the time, we could really have fun just chatting away. Remembering her on American Idol and how she’d be so positive in her feedback to the contestants, I can see that’s truly her personality because her disposition is so sweet!

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