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  1. Tables were to close for my taste. I’m not big on being in everyone’s conversation. But I have to say the pizza wasn’t half bad.

    1. Great point Tracy! You’re right, the tables were very close. I think because we were there during a slow period, and seating was spaced out, the closeness didn’t affect me as your experience did.

  2. Been going to B’ham all my life because my family lives there, but now as an adult getting opportunity to experience as a tourist?. Such an awesome experience, so much rich history. Kecia has that great eye to capture the best pics!?

  3. It was such a joy & great experience being there with you K! Although being way up on that platform threw me off for a minute, i adjusted enough to enjoy that grand view of Birmingham?

  4. I can’t wait for them to be in the area again. You’ve got me salivating based on your description. Thanks Kecia for sharing your tour life experiences!?

  5. I love Johnny Gill and his music…I saw him a few yrs back…I went to ATL to see Maze, was suppose to be Teena Marie who passed away b4 the concert and Johnny Gill was there as a fill in so to speak ….even tho it was sad that Teena Marie passed away…I thoroughly enjoyed seeing and hearing Johnny…he can “SANG”…I love to hear him sing!!!! Thx K….

  6. Thank you Kecia for taking us on your tour. Johnny is one of my favorites. His voice is as strong today as it was years ago and his stage presence is amazing. You made my day with this, thank you

  7. Wildstyle Entertainment Never Fails! This night was another memorable experience. There is no denying the artists are amazing because they pushed past audio issues that occurred thru – out the night. The seating was difficult to discern and caused a lengthy conversation amongst music lovers but we danced while we resolved the seating placement. Despite some small issues the Venue should address, it was a magical night.

  8. The San Diego Soul Music Festival(s) Is Definitely A MUST ATTEND Event & The Hottest Show Of The Year!! Wildstyle Entertainment & G-squared Events Always Deliver With The BEST Of The Best Artists!!

    *** I Rated This Show 3 Stars Only Due To The “Seating Issues” (No Clear Markings Of Seat/Section Numbers) & “The Sound” (Microphones Were Poppin & The ECHO In The Venue, Definitely Need Improvement)

  9. Chalupa Salad is absolutely the best. Happy hour beers/margaritas and chips and salsa make it even better. If your in town…. stop through!

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